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The Facilitator’s Guide to Immersive, Blended, and Hybrid Learning

While the shift from traditional classrooms to immersive learning experiences (including immersive, blended, virtual, and hybrid) has exploded in recent years, the supporting technologies and techniques have been evolving over time and now include augmented, mixed, and virtual realities. This new book examines the role of a facilitator in these new environments and offers cutting-edge insights and practical advice on how facilitators can make programs effective and engaging in any scenario.

Cindy walks you through how to facilitate in each of these modalities, covering everything from technology needs to suggested modifications of activities. Throughout, she includes real-life examples of immersive, blended, augmented, virtual, and hybrid learning in action. And she asks the vital question: Is facilitation necessary in immersive learning experiences? The answer is yes, but to be successful, facilitators need to update their skills on an ongoing basis.

“Whether she’s sharing a personal story or providing priceless tips, Cindy draws you into her world of immersive, blended, and hybrid learning. Her step-by-step process to move from a traditional trainer to a learning experience facilitator is on target. And her guidance to get you there is definitive.” ~ Elaine Biech, 2022 ISA Thought Leader; Author, The Art and Science of Training; Principal Author, TDBoK

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