In Designing Virtual Learning for Application and Impact, virtual learning expert Cindy Huggett teams with evaluation experts Jack and Patti Phillips and learning transfer authority Emma Weber to create a guidebook for TD practitioners to ensure that their online programs achieve measurable results beyond the virtual classroom.

This practical book outlines a design process focused on how to deliver on-the-job application of learning and a positive impact on business results. It gives 50 techniques you can immediately use to effectively design an engaging virtual learning program that helps learners apply the knowledge they’ve gained back on the job.

Virtual learning is here to stay. And it must add value to an organization, otherwise, it’s a waste of time and resources. As budgets are slashed, the ability to show that a program is an investment, rather than an expense is vital. Thus, we need a renewed sense of urgency to make sure virtual learning delivers results for those who support it, expect it, and even demand it.

Step up to the challenge and get serious about delivering business impact with your virtual learning programs. This book will show you how.

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