The Lounge Podcast Episode 21: Virtual Classroom Training with Cindy HuggettThis episode is here to help you determine if you are ready to implement virtual training into YOUR development roadmap for your staff. It’s an amazing chat with loads of value for you when you look to implement or improve your virtual learning opportunities.

In this episode:

  • What is virtual training (Cindy has the BEST definition I’ve heard to date!)
  • How virtual training fits into a blended learning approach to curriculum
  • What does it take to be successful with virtual learning?
  • Change management considerations
  • Set our learners and instructors up for success
  • Financial impact implementing virtual training – the costs to investing in virtual training
  • Why do organizations invest in virtual training?
  • How to convert classroom content for a blended experience
  • Cultural considerations for geographically dispersed audiences
  • Facilitator preparation
  • Engagement in virtual training events
  • ONE easy action you can take to get started!
  • Things to consider when evaluating virtual training/meeting environments