Five Things the Best Virtual Presenters Do

Have you ever asked a question in a virtual presentation, and no one responds? Or do you wonder if your message is getting across clearly to an engaged remote audience? Then this program is for you! The best virtual presenters know how to capture and keep attention in online events. In this interactive webinar with expert Cindy Huggett, you will learn the secrets to their success!

You will learn how to prepare yourself in advance, how to open your presentation in ways that generate interest, and how to create a dialogue instead of a monologue. You’ll discover new uses for virtual tools, and new techniques for interaction and engagement. You will also learn practical tips such as when to turn on the webcam in an online meeting, how to present yourself online with professionalism and poise, and what to do when technical challenges occur.

Whether you are brand new to live online delivery or have been facilitating virtual events for years, you will be sure to leave this session with new ideas, new tips, and new techniques for improving your future virtual presentations.