ELC 058 Virtual Training is Much More Than a Presentation A Conversation with Cindy HuggettHow can you translate the in-person learning experience to an effective virtual classroom? This episode answers that question. Discover the misconceptions people have about the virtual classroom experience and get tips and techniques for facilitating an effective virtual learning event. You’ll hear how to increase the interactivity and collaboration of the virtual classroom so that participants get involved.







  • The difference between virtual training and webinars or webcasts
  • Why virtual students need their own device to participate
  • Three components of a successful virtual training event
  • How to prepare participants to be ready to learn
  • The biggest challenges of turning in-person training into a virtual classroom
  • What’s changed in virtual training in the past decade
  • When to use participant web cams
  • Effective activities for a smaller number of participants
  • How to efficiently break people into groups in online training.
  • A brilliant start-up activity that breaks isolation
  • Managing participant use of audio
  • Which virtual classroom platform to choose
  • Examples of creative use of the virtual classroom
  • What’s in store for the future of virtual training.