Beyond the Chat Box: Deeper Engagement in Virtual LearningAre your learners actively engaged in your online classes, beyond just typing in chat? Are you using your platform’s robust toolset to capture attention, and more importantly, keep learners involved? Do your learners feel connected and are they willing to contribute?

Join us in this interactive session with virtual learning expert Cindy Huggett, to learn the “3 E’s” of participant engagement in virtual learning. You’ll learn how to truly engage a remote audience, and how to increase their motivation to participate. You’ll discover new facilitation techniques that lead to learning and application. You’ll also learn how to create a learning environment of inclusion and connection. You’ll leave this session with several new techniques that you can immediately use in your next virtual class.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn and apply the “3 E’s” of learner engagement
  • Use robust platform tools in creative ways to engage learners
  • Discover new activities for interactive and immersive learning