Are your virtual training tools ready for a tune-up?

You’ve discovered the best way to reach remote audiences is through virtual training. And you’ve learned that an effective virtual training program is relatively short, highly relevant, and extremely engaging. Now you need the tried-and-true tools that will make your next program an all-out success.

About The Book

Virtual Training Tools and Templates: An Action Guide to Live Online Learning offers proven resources for delivering top-notch virtual training programs. Make expert trainer Cindy Huggett’s professional array of virtual tools your own, and discover new perspectives from a range of training trailblazers. You’ll find real-world lessons learned and get full access to their secrets of the trade.

Starting with a simple four-step process (get started, get ready, get buy-in, and get going), this book helps you select the right technology, then offers detailed sections on how to design content, develop activities, and work with both facilitators and producers. You’ll also learn how to prepare participants and evaluate program results. Follow along as Cindy guides you with new and relevant tips, tools, and templates every step of the way.


“There’s nothing like learning from a master—and that’s an understatement when it comes to Cindy Huggett and virtual training. As technology improves, it’s nice to know that Cindy stays on the cutting edge. Her latest book offers designers and facilitators dozens of new tools and tips to make virtual training an easy and certain success.”

– Elaine Biech, Author of The Business of Consulting and The Art and Science of Training

“If everyone needs mentors and coaches for the various facets of their lives, then Cindy Huggett is the Virtual Classroom Guru. Cindy knows the world of webinars, vILT, webcasts, and virtual classrooms like no one else, and has shared some of her wisdom with us in ‘Virtual Training Tools & Templates.’ I love the hands on approach she takes in this book to helping anyone interested in creating effective virtual training. I see this becoming an instructional designers go-to guide for al things virtual.​”

– Treion Muller – Author of “The Webinar Manifesto”and “The Learning Explosion” and VP of Digital Learning Solutions at TwentyEighty

“For most teams, getting started using virtual classrooms is the hardest part! There are hundreds of issues that need attention and the effort can seem intimidating, but Virtual Training Tools and Templates is illuminating. It will help you see clearly and do logically all the things that will have your virtual online training initiative make a great first impression–there’s no need to start from scratch. If you want to run successful running virtual classroom training events, have every team member and stakeholder read this book.​”

– Karen Hyder,  Online Event Producerand Speaker Coach​, Guild Master 2017

“If you are looking for a checklist for literally every role on your virtual training team, this is the book for you! It has the answers to all the questions you have ever had, and did not even know you had, all in one convenient place!​”

– Kassy LaBorie, co-author of Interact and Engage!50+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars

About Cindy

Cindy Huggett, CPLP is an independent consultant, speaker, instructional designer, classroom facilitator, and author who specializes in technology, leadership, and learning. She helps organizations and training professionals move to the virtual classroom.

She’s the author of three books on virtual training: Virtual Training Tools & Templates: An Action Guide to Live Online LearningThe Virtual Training Guidebook: How to Design, Deliver, and Implement Live Online Learning and Virtual Training Basicsand has written several articles and contributed to other industry publications.

Cindy is also a past member of the ATD National Board of Directors and was one of the first to earn the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) designation. She earned her master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and bachelor’s from James Madison University.

Virtual Training Tools and Templates by Cindy Huggett

Is your virtual training program ready for a tune-up?

  • Embrace a holistic approach to virtual training
  • Get help designing content, developing activities, and working with facilitators
  • Discover tried-and-true tools from an expert trainer